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Signature Maple Kits

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Shelby GT500 Hi-Performance White w/Vista Blue Rally Stripes

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Vintage Sunburst Lacquer

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Silver to Black Sparkle Lacquer Fade

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Aqua Blue Burst Sparkle Lacquer

  • 8-ply All-Maple Shells with 3-ply reinforcing rings
  • Precision-cut and hand-perfected bearing edges
  • Exclusive Markley Solid Tension™ Lugs
  • Exclusive Markley Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System on suspended toms
  • Optional “Straight Shells” with no reinforcing rings
  • Signature Series available in Satin Oil, Hi-Gloss Lacquer, or Hi-Gloss Sparkle Lacquer Finishes

Markley Signature Maple Series drums deliver the perfect blend of warmth, depth, and powerful “cut”.  Our Signature Maple kits feature 100% All-Maple shells.

Maple has been the drummer’s wood of choice for many years, and for good reason. With its balanced blend of high, mid, and low frequencies, maple is an excellent choice for live playing and studio use. Versatile and well-suited to almost any musical situation, maple has a medium length of sustain, and a warm, deep drum sound.

Our 100% All-Maple shells are 8-ply, but only 1/4” thick, yielding a strong shell with a fantastic deep tone. Thin, 3-ply reinforcing rings are added to focus the tone, and increase the “bite” or attack presence of the drum. Of course, if you prefer a warmer attack and a longer sustain from your drums, rings can be omitted from your custom kit.

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Hear More Fanatics

Down To One

Jason Dering
" The only thing that made me want a Markley kit more was actually playing one. The “feel” was amazing! Made me want to play as long as I could, and very few drums can do that. Killer, just killer! Thanks again!!!"
- Mike Johns, California

" I have to say I have never played a finer kit. The sound is just absolutely unbelievable! I did not want to ever stop playing it... Hands down, the best kit I have ever heard or played..."
- Scott Schneider, Down To One

" Dennis, your drums FREAKIN' ROCK!!! "
- Jason Dering, Ashlee Simpson