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Lincoln Brewster
Jason Dering "Dennis, your drums FREAKIN' ROCK!!!"
- Jason Dering, Ashlee Simpson

"...Thanks again for the great drums.
They're AWESOME!!!"
- Lincoln Brewster,
National Recording Artist



The Markley Signature Birch Series drums deliver amazing punch and a fat, deep tone with a precise, short decay. Our Signature Birch kits feature 8-ply, 100% All-Birch shells.

Birch has an almost cult-like following among studio drummers and hard-hitters alike. Famous for its “Naturally EQ’d” sound, birch has enhanced lows and high-end, but less midrange tone than maple. The result is a punchy, fat tone with a bright, cutting attack and a quick decay, perfect for studio use or in live situations where the drummer prefers this immediate, punchy sound.

Because of the short decay and natural high-end that birch produces, reinforcing rings are not used on the Signature Birch series drums.