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Welcome to Markley Custom Drum Company

"... At Markley Custom Drums, we are passionate about crafting the finest quality professional acoustic drums available. I personally oversee the creation of every drum that bears my name to ensure perfection. Our mission is to provide our drumming artists with inspiring instruments that allow their talent to be fully unleashed ... I personally invite you to join our growing family of players with your own Markley Custom drums ... I guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled ..."

Dennis Markley,
Owner and Master Drumsmith

Our Process
The process of creating your custom drums always starts with a personal design consultation with the owner of the company and master drumsmith, Dennis Markley. During this design session, we listen to what you want from your drumkit - how many drums and what sizes, your choice of finishes, what you want the drums to sound like, and other important details. We can offer experienced advice to help tailor the drums to your desires. This level of personalized service and attention is a big part of what Markley Custom Drum Co. is all about. It is totally our intention to treat you to a level of service that up until now, only stars received from the mass-production drum companies. We believe you are worth it, and you deserve Markley Custom Drums!

Our Uniqueness
What makes us unique versus all the other custom companies out there is that we focus on what is really most important: The SOUND. We utilize a combination of state of the art technology for precision, and old-world craftsmanship where technology is not enough. We have the experience to trust our hands and ears to tell us when each drum is ready to meet you. In this world of carbon-copy mass-produced drums, our attention to every detail in the design and construction of each drum ensures that your new Markley Custom drums will inspire you and allow your artistic voice to be heard the way you want it to be heard.

The Markley Standard
Built to the highest standards of excellence, each drum in a Markley Custom drum kit is not only sonically optimized by itself, but also harmonically matched by ear to others within the kit. This extra musical step in the production process ensures that every drum in a Markley Custom drum kit resonates in a complimentary way with the others around it, which translates into a bigger, fuller sound — perfect for live concerts and studio recording.

Markley also offers these services:
  • Edge and snare bed restoration services
  • Studio prep and professional tuning
  • Backline gear rental
  • Cap it off with a great Guarantee

Release the Artist Within.

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